India’s First
War Strategy Game!

Protect your kingdom, train your army, build your defences! Join forces with Baahubali, Kattappa, Bhallaladeva, Devasena and other heroes from the Bahubali movies. Defeat the Kalakeya in challenging battles and bring glory to Mahishmati!

You can also play with friends, make clans, and enter into PvP battles with other players from around the world!

Mahishmati Needs Your Help!

Build an undefeatable fort to help Mahishmati become a mighty empire. Use archer towers and spear towers to defend your fort. Ambush invaders with the dangerous spike traps and snake traps. Destroy your enemy’s army with superior weapons like the arrow machine. Research and train your troops using the barracks, the armoury and the war library. Smash enemy forts and rajyas using powerful war elephants and long range catapults. Plunder and capture enemy’s resources with the help of thieves. Heal your army with the blessed priests of Mahishmati.


Be The Senapati Mahishmati Deserves!

Unlock powerful Heroes with glorious powers! Baahubali’s Lion Punch, Kattappa’s Summon Guards and Bhallaladeva’s Chain Mace will strike terror in the hearts of the enemies of Mahishmati!

Fight Solo Missions against the cruel Kalakeyas. Battle other Players to become the most powerful Senapati in Mahishmati. Make clans with your friends and wage war against other powerful clans for the glory of Mahishmati!

Jai Mahishmati!

Baahubali: The Game lets you be a trusted Senapati (general/commander) in the service of the kingdom of Mahishmati. Experience the Baahubali universe like never before! Prove your skills by building the strongest army. Impress Kattappa by having the best defended Rajya. Prove your worth to King Baahubali by having a working economy and producing a lot of food and gold to protect the kingdom of Mahishmati from the Kalakeya.

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Senapati Social!

Like the Baahubali: The Game page on Facebook and you’ll get latest updates on the game, chances to participate in cool contests and win gems and strategic tips on troops! You can also meet other Senapatis on Facebook, discuss strategy and alliances, make friends to win gems and more.