“You are the star of my game. I’m just your best friend.”

Alia Says

“In the game, the player gets to experience how the entertainment industry works in India. It is a narrative adventure where the player gets to meet, collaborate with and date filmi characters. The story has masala, romance, drama and comedy with over 50 characters including my cat Sheeba! We even have over 250 trendy outfits and accessories for the fashion-lovers.”

Live The Star Life!

Alia Bhatt is your best friend and she’ll show you the ropes of the Hindi film industry. Let Alia Bhatt teach you to act, dance and sing like a star.

Star in advertisements, TV shows and movie roles on your way to fame – who knows, you might one day star in your own blockbuster! Hit the hottest parties with the hottest celebrities at the most happening clubs and restaurants all over India and the world!

Handle The Drama!

Wear the most fashionable outfits as you work with the industry’s top designers on their collections and fashion shows. Become a bigger star to unlock exclusive fashions that boost your style quotient.

Of course your rivals will be jealous… you’ll have to manage your stardom as you handle the gossip and drama from star rivals. Hire a publicist and manager to help you navigate press interviews and media spotlights – beat everyone else and be the top star!

Be A Superstar!

This is India’s first narrative adventure game made in collaboration with actor Alia Bhatt. You get to live the glitz, glamour and the fun side of Bollywood through stories and characters. Alia Bhatt plays your best friend who guides you through your filmi career and helps you become an A-list star.

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The Social Star

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